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Fast in­no­va­tions in the field of the new media have caused a huge amount of eman­ci­pa­tion. No­wa­days eve­r­yone can create a web­site, blog, book or e-book. Pu­blis­hers can create great op­por­tu­ni­ties by fo­cu­sing on core com­pe­ten­cies and de­ve­lo­ping new busi­ness mo­dels.

The role of App­lify

App­lify’s roots lie in con­tent ma­na­ge­ment, e-busi­ness and print. From there App­lify has been hel­ping pu­blis­hers to mo­der­nize their exis­ting work­flow, to pu­blish by print or in­ternet and to set up new pro­cesses for con­tent crea­tion.

App­lify is tech­ni­cally ca­pable of all forms of con­tent ma­na­ge­ment, con­tent pu­bli­ca­tion as PDF, e-book or web and co­ope­ra­tion via the web. We can help set up a mo­dern en­vi­ro­ment for con­tent crea­tion. App­lify is also pro­mi­nantly ac­tive with pro­du­cing prin­ting com­pa­nies as a link bet­ween pu­blisher and pro­duc­tion.

App­lify gives you the tools and sup­port to in­tro­duce new busi­ness mo­dels in your field of work by sup­por­ting the new pro­cesses with mo­dern-day tech­no­logy, con­sis­ting of stan­dard mo­dules sup­ported by in­cre­dibly ex­pe­ri­enced App­lify-ers.

What do I get?

The App­lify-so­lu­tion con­sists of wor­king en­vi­ro­ments for the pu­blisher, the au­t­hors, the pu­bli­ca­tion and the pro­duc­tion. The whole of this is web-based and built up around SQL- and XML-da­ta­bases. This is the base for pu­blis­hing through dif­fe­rent media from a con­tent da­ta­base.

The co­ope­ra­tive work­flow mo­dule opens the doors to the ‘new wor­king’: pu­blisher, au­thor, editor… can all work from a work­flow and con­tent da­ta­base.

The system also of­fers con­ver­sion to PDF for print, e-book and web with in­ter­ac­tive pos­si­bi­li­ties and connec­tions to e-com­merce and ad­mi­nis­tra­tion.

Our ap­proach

In an in­tro­duc­tio­nary mee­ting we will ana­lyze your cur­rent busi­ness model, target au­dience, con­tent, in­ternal pro­cesses and ex­ternal (pro­duc­tion) part­ners.

App­lify will pre­sent you dif­fe­rent well-wor­king cu­stomer cases which apply to your own si­tua­tion. Using this in­for­ma­tion as a ‘roadmap’, we will come up with a re­newed busi­ness model for pu­blis­hing. This can be self-pu­blis­hing, part­ner­ship or so­me­thing else.

App­lify will guide you in the chan­ging-pro­cess and help you im­ple­ment this new busi­ness model. Our goal is to make soft­ware that of­fers you the best func­tio­na­lity.

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How does this pay off?

We power up your new busi­ness model, a web-based system for ma­na­ge­ment, co­ope­ra­tion, pu­bli­ca­tion, pro­duc­tion and ad­mi­nis­tra­tive pur­poses.

From in­side a web-en­vi­ro­ment you can ma­nage the pu­blis­hing through dif­fe­rent media.

This whole has a high level of au­to­ma­tion and func­tions as a link bet­ween your target au­dience, your au­t­hors and you as a pu­blisher.

Con­trol­ling pro­cesses of con­tent crea­tion, editing, pu­bli­ca­tion and pro­ducts will all be ad­justed to the ‘new wor­king’ and the new media.


  • Con­tent ma­na­ge­ment
  • Au­t­ho­ring tool
  • Web based col­la­bo­ra­tion
  • Plan­ning and work­flow
  • E-mail no­ti­fi­ca­tions
  • Da­ta­bases and XML
  • Con­ver­sion of con­tent to PDF, e-book or web pages
  • E-com­merce
  • Self pu­blis­hing
  • Part­ner­ship with au­t­hors and other forms of co­ope­ra­tion
  • In­ternet pay-system like Ideal or PayPal
  • Prin­ting on de­mand
  • Mer­chan­di­sing

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  • Joint book ser­vices / Cen­traal Boe­k­huis
  • Next­print
  • Ik­Schrijf
  • OVD Edu­ca­tieve Uit­ge­verij

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