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Be­cause of the ri­sing need for more, better and cheaper com­mu­ni­ca­tion, new op­por­tu­ni­ties arise for you! You can be­nefit from these op­por­tu­ni­ties by in­tro­du­cing in­no­va­tive pro­ducts. These are more com­plex than a flyer or a boo­klet. To achieve this, an in­tel­li­gent work­flow is needed. This let’s you focus on re­ally ma­king the dif­fe­rence!

The role of App­lify

Since 1999 App­lify, along with gra­phic de­sign busi­nesses, is in­no­va­ting in the field of work­flow au­to­ma­tion. The ‘les­sons-learned’ and ‘best-prac­tices’ join forces to­gether to create our soft­ware app­li­ca­tion called App­lify Flow­Suite.

App­lify will help you turn your com­pany from just a prin­ting busi­ness to a sup­plier of com­mu­ni­ca­tion so­lu­tions. From now on you won’t just be prin­ting out your cu­stomer’s or­ders, but you will be im­portant stra­tegic busi­ness part­ners.

App­lify gives you the tools and sup­port to achieve this goal: fle­xible gra­phic work­flow so­lu­tions, con­sis­ting of stan­dard mo­dules sup­ported by in­cre­dibly ex­pe­ri­enced App­lify-ers.

What's in it for me?

Cor­ner­stones of the App­lify work­flow are: e-com­merce, fle­xible web-to-print, image bank, plan­ning sys­tems, ma­na­ge­ment in­for­ma­tion sys­tems and PDF work­flow. These ele­ments work to­gether ef­fort­lessly to make for a real, suc­cesful au­to­ma­tion.

Our ap­proach

In an in­tro­duc­tio­nary mee­ting we will ana­lyze your cur­rent work pro­cesses, em­ployees, cu­sto­mers and means of pro­duc­tion.

App­lify will pre­sent you dif­fe­rent well-wor­king cu­stomer cases which apply to your own si­tua­tion. Using this in­for­ma­tion as a ‘roadmap’, we will come to know which di­rec­tion is the best for your com­pany.

App­lify will make sure that a new work­flow is pre­sent in your com­pany wi­thin a few weeks. The ad­van­tages of this will be vi­sible di­rectly, both for you and your cu­sto­mers.

This is all done by the ‘no-cure, no-pay’ prin­ciple.

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How does this pay off?

You can offer new ser­vices to your cu­sto­mers, such as: prin­ting on de­mand, per­so­na­li­za­tion, ful­fil­ment and cor­po­rate de­sign ma­na­ge­ment.

Tasks such as ma­king cal­cu­la­tions, kee­ping track of or­ders and in­voi­cing all be­come much simpler and faster. Fewer er­rors occur in or­ders. With the same man­power you can handle a lot more!


  • E-com­merce
  • Web-to-print
  • On­line editor
  • Per­so­na­li­sa­tion
  • Cor­po­rate de­sign ma­na­ge­ment
  • Upload with pre­f­ligh­ting
  • File con­ver­sions
  • Pro­duct con­fi­gu­rator
  • Ware­house ma­na­ge­ment
  • POD ca­talog
  • On­line proofing
  • Au­t­ho­ri­za­tions
  • Web­sites
  • PURL-s
  • E-mail cam­paigns
  • CRM sys­teem
  • Cal­cu­la­tions for all pro­ducts
  • Sales quote, order, de­li­very note, in­voice
  • Never ma­nu­ally re-enter data again!
  • Out­sour­cing
  • Pro­duc­tion work­flow
  • Lo­gi­stics work­flow

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  • Ricoh Eu­rope
  • Xerox
  • Joint book ser­vices
  • Rid­der­print
  • Next­print

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